Hardware Shake Junt Allen 7/8 - Herman pro
About Shake Junt Allen 7/8 hardware - Herman pro Shake Junt Signature Bolts come with TWO colored bolts, SIX black bolts.  Made out of high quality, top secret material. Will not break! #1 Homie Approved!  Guaranteed to make you land your tricks... BOLTS!
Skate tool Ace Compact
About Ace Compact skate tool Now you see it, now you don't. Meet the last skate tool you will ever need. Proven T-shape when assembled. Super compact shape to go with you when collapsed. Don't leave home without one. FEATURES...
Skate tool Spitfire T3 - Black
About Spitfire T3 skateboard multi-tool - Black The Spitfire T3 skate tool is your multifunctional skateboard tool with sockets of 9/16", 3/8", and 1/2". Slide out allen key and screwdriver head for mounting hardware. Durable and designed to last.  FEATURES Slide out allen/phillips...
Hardware Thunder Allen 7/8 - Black / Gold
About Thunder Allen 7/8 skateboard hardware - Black / Gold High grade tempered alloy steel bolts, hold fast nylon lock tight & two extra colored indicator bolts.
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