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Skis Armada Bdog 2022
About Armada Bdog 2022 skis Catered to the press and pop mastery of Phil Casabon, the BDOG is back with a unique construction and shape. Phil’s signature Circle Flex, with super flexible tips and tails, accompanies “straight” sections in the...
Skis Armada ARV 84 2022
About Armada ARV 84 2022 skis Our entry-level all-mountain freestyle twin, the ARV 84 is intentionally built to deliver all you need in a freestyle ski with nothing you don’t. It’s heavy-duty Cap construction and 2.5 Impact Edge means you...
Skis Armada Edollo 2022
About Armada Edollo 2022 skis No skier has revolutionized freestyle skiing more in the last decade then Henrik Harlaut, and his signature ski, the EDOLLO, continues to support him every step of the way. Rocking our thickest steel edges and...
Skis Armada ARV 96 2022
About Armada ARV 96 2022 skis The ARV 96 is skiing’s ultimate handyman—no matter what you throw at it, this ski will get it done. Featuring a Poplar-Ash Core and AR75 Sidewalls, the ARV 96 delivers its signature versatility and...
Women's skis Armada ARW 84 2022
About Armada ARW 84 2022 women's skis Our entry-level, all-mountain freestyle twin, the ARW 84 is intentionally built to deliver all you need in a freestyle ski with nothing you don’t. Its heavy-duty Cap construction and 2.5 Impact Edge means...
Skis Armada ARW 106 UL 2022
About Armada ARW 106 UL 2022 skis The ARW 106 UL is the evolution of the long-sought one-ski quiver for the shredder who does a little bit of everything. An ultralight Caruba Core lowers the swingweight and keeps things light...
Women's skis Armada ARW 96 2022
About Armada ARW 96 2022 women's skis The ARW 96 is our marquee women’s all-mountain freestyle ski. It’s unique Poplar-Ash Core reduces weight while adding pop for a stable yet responsive feel. From jumps to jibs, switch skiing to tree...
Skis Armada ARV 106 2022
About Armada ARV 106 2022 skis The ARV 106 has been our most versatile all-mountain freestyle ski since its inception. It brings an ultra-playful yet stable ride to high performance skiers tired of tossing sticks in the trash every half...
Skis Armada Tracer 88 2022
About Armada Tracer 88 2022 skis The Tracer 88 redefines expectations for how a lightweight touring ski should perform. With our lightest Caruba Core and our 1.7 Lightweight Edge, the Tracer 88 sheds weight in all the right places to keep...
Women's skis Armada Trace 98 2022
About Armada Trace 98 2022 women's skis Cut from the same cloth as its big sister, the Trace 98 touts lightweight performance courtesy of its Caruba Core, and features enhanced maneuverability so you can slash every nook and cranny of...
Women's skis Armada Reliance 88C 2022
About Armada Reliance 88C 2022 women's skis The Reliance 88 C enhances an airy Caruba Core with Woven Carbon Stringers to create a lightning quick ski that’s at home in a variety of conditions. An 88 mm waist strikes the...
Skis Armada ARV 116 JJ 2022
About Armada ARV 116 JJ 2022 skis The iconic Armada ARV 116 JJ continues to carve its name into ski lore, coming correct with a Poplar-Ash wood core for maximum energy return and pop when sending it down pillow lines...
Skis Armada ARV 86 2022
About Armada ARV 86 2022 skis The ARV 86 boosts the fun factor with a Poplar-Ash Core for increased spring and confidence in the park and in the trees. Featuring AR Freestyle Rocker and AR75 Sidewall construction, the ARV 86...
Skis Armada Tracer 108 2022
About Armada Tracer 108 2022 skis Even though the Tracer 108 is firmly focused on outstanding downhill performance, we’re always searching for the perfect combination of weight reduction and stability in this category. That’s why we paired a lightweight Caruba...
Skis Armada Tracer 98 2022
About Armada Tracer 98 2022 skis The crown jewel of the Tracer Series, the Tracer 98 is your everyday off-piste ski built with versatility in mind. A layer of Adaptive Mesh  keeps the ride damp and stable while the beveled...
Women's skis Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL 2022
About Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL 2022 women's skis Enter the no gravity zone with the ARW 116 VJJ. Ultralight construction courtesy of a Caruba Core and 1.7 Lightweight Edge sheds weight, helping make ARW 116 VJJ the most well-rounded...
Women's skis Armada ARW 86 2022
About Armada ARW 86 2022 women's skis The ARW 86 is making skiing that much smoother. A high-performance ski kept light and playful, the ARW 86 is ready for your everyday park fix. For all you jib machines, tranny finders...
Women's skis Armada Trace 108 2022
About Armada Trace 108 2022 women's skis The Armada Trace 108 knows you have to get up to get down. That's why it features a lightweight Caruba Core for efficiency on the uphill, while the strategic use of Adaptive Mesh...
Women's skis Armada Trace 88 2022
About Armada Trace 88 2022 women's skis The narrowest ski in the series, the Trace 88 is our lightweight adventurer with a Caruba Core and our 1.7 Lightweight Edge helping shed weight in all the right places to keep you moving...
Kid's skis Armada Tantrum 2022
About Armada Tantrum 2022 kid's skis Plant the seed early with the Armada Tantrum, our junior all-mountain ski sure to help your young ripper grow. A full length Poplar Core combined with Elf Shoe Rocker Technology in the tip and...
Kid's skis Armada Bantam 2022
About Armada Bantam 2022 kid's skis Make those first turns count with the Armada Bantam. Featuring progressive geometry, durable, solid construction and a tight turn radius, the Bantam has all the tools your little buddy needs to turn a good day...
Kid's skis Armada Kirti 2022
About Armada Kirti 2022 kid's skis Your little girl isn’t slowing down, so she needs skis that will keep up. The Armada Kirti combines versatile geometry, durable construction, a short turn radius and a turned-up tail for smiles from the rope...
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