Mitts POW XG mid - Tobacco
About POW XG mid mittens - Tobacco Hybrid design and waterproof insert guarantee this mitt will protect you from day 1. FEATURES Waterproof HIPORA® insert Goggle squeegee Buff thumb to wipe your nose or goggle Velcro wrist adjustment for comfort and...
Mitts POW Transfilmer W/S flip - Black
About POW Transfilmer W/S flip mittens - Black Hi-def is impossible to capture with wet hands, so keep them dry. Simply flip the flap and press play. FEATURES Water resistant and windproof design Convertible flip-mitt Open forefinger for easy camera /...
Mitts POW Royal Gore-Tex® + Active - Auburn
About POW Royal Gore-Tex® + Active mittens - Auburn Style, unbeatable durability and comfort are all the qualities the king requested. You’ve now been crowned. FEATURES Waterproof and Breathable GORE-TEX Glove + GORE active technology Premium water repellent leather Buff thumb...
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