Trucks Ace Classic - Silver / Red
About Ace Classic skateboard trucks - Silver / Red Set of 2 trucks Ace Classics (52mm) tall trucks. When things get burly Ace Pilots know classics are the king of the session. Plenty of delicious hanger surface that lives to grind, coupled...
$69.95 $48.97
Trucks Independent Mid pro - Tiago Lemos
About Independent Mid pro skateboard trucks - Tiago Lemos Set of 2 trucks. New Independent MiD trucks feature a lower profile hanger for optimal contact point angle on your nose and tail for flip tricks, ledges, and all-around street skating...
$84.95 from $59.47
Trucks Independent Stage 11 hollow - Winkowski baller
About Independent Stage 11 hollow trucks - Winkowski baller Set of 2 trucks. Independent have released a new signature Erick Winkowski Stage 11 Hollow truck. The Winky pro truck features polished silver hanger and black baseplate, black cushions and hardware, finished...
$82.95 from $58.07
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