Skate tool Independent Bearing saver - Black
About Independent Bearing saver skate tool - Black Independent Trucks Bearing Saver Skate Tool The first and only skate tool designed to prevent shield damage that can occur when installing your bearings or adjusting your axel nut. Engineered by Independent...
Wax Independent Kurb killer - Red
About Independent Kurb killer wax - Red FEATURES 6 inches long
Skate tool Ace AF1
About Ace AF1 skate tool Redefining the use of a skate tool. Even smaller in size than our Classic tool. Recessed into the wheel and truck wrenches are hardened steel re-threaders to easily tune your trucks up anywhere. Knurling on...
Wax Ace Rings - Red
About Ace Rings wax - Red This little fella comes in at 3" long, by 1.5" high and 3/4" thick, EDC wax to coin a phrase. Our Rings logo works perfectly with its' recesses to laydown wax evenly on the...
Griptape cleaner Shake Junt - Gum
About Shake Junt griptape cleaner - Gum Don’t you hate when your grip tape gets dirty and doesn’t have that same grip? How about when you Ollie and it doesn’t stick to your feet? Or when your kick flips just...
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Skate tool Red Dragons OG logo - Yellow
About Red Dragons OG logo skate tool - Yellow Searching for a compact yet functional skate tool to take anywhere? RDS OG Logo Skate Tool does just that! Broken apart it is compact and easy to toss in a pocket...
Griptape cleaner Mob - Gum
About Mob griptape cleaner - Gum Keep your grip clean with Mob's Grip Tape Cleaner. Rub the cleaner lengthwise directly on your board's grip tape to remove dirt build-up and avoid having to replace your grip tape.
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Skate tool Andalé Multi purpose ratchet - Black
About Andalé Multi purpose ratchet skate tool - Black FEATURES Socket Wrench for Kingpin Socket Wrench for Axle Nuts Allen Key Phillips Key Griptape File Socket Wrench for Mounting Hardware
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