Handlebars Stranger ISM 9.5 - Black
About Stranger ISM 9.5 BMX handlebars - Black Classic big box shape two-piece bar made from 100% heat-treated straight-gauge Chromoly. Designed in collaboration with ISM cycling.  FEATURES 2° Upsweep 11° Backsweep 29" wide Sicker than sars Higher than mars
Front wheel Stranger Crux 20'' female axle - Black
About Stranger Crux 20'' female axle front wheel - Black The Stranger Crux front wheel features a sealed female hub laced to a double wall pinned seamed rim
Peg Stranger Zia PC + extra sleeve - Black
About Stranger Zia Plastic peg + extra sleeve - Black SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. 1 PEG WITH SLEEVE + 1 EXTRA SLEEVE. VENDUES INDIVIDUELLEMENT. 1 PEG AVEC SLEEVE + 1 SLEEVE EN EXTRA The Zia Peg is made of nylon and alloy and...
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