Griptape cleaner Shake Junt - Gum
About Shake Junt griptape cleaner - Gum Don’t you hate when your grip tape gets dirty and doesn’t have that same grip? How about when you Ollie and it doesn’t stick to your feet? Or when your kick flips just...
Riser pads Shake Junt 1/8 - Black
About Shake Junt 1/8 riser pads - Black SET OF 2 RISER PADS.  
Hardware Shake Junt Spanky pro 7/8'' allen
About Shake Junt Spanky pro 7/8'' allen skateboard hardware Kevin Spanky signature hardware FEATURES 1 Blue + 8 Black bolts 7/8" Allen Comes with allen wrench
Bearings Shake Junt Night train
About Shake Junt Night train skateboard bearings Manufactured for high quality performance and every type of skating. A non-contact bearing with removable rubber shields for easy cleaning and less friction. Getcha Roll On! FEATURES Set of 8 high-speed ball bearings Removable...
Griptape Shake Junt 9'' - Lo key
About Shake Junt griptape - Lo key 1 Sheet of spray grip tape with small SHAKE JUNT logo.  
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