Radical 97 skis 2024

Vendor: Dynafit
Availability: In stock
Size: 170cm
Range: 170cm-174cm

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About Dynafit Radical 97 skis 2024

Playful, nimble and yet very stable – The new Radical 97 touring ski for men makes the hearts of descent-oriented touring enthusiasts beat faster. It provides pure ski fun in the snow in all kinds of conditions.

Its light construction with 100% poplar wood core and the time-tested DYNAFIT carbon speed stringers allow you to save your energy on the climb so you can give it your all on the descent. A modern sidecut and the newly developed rocker at the tip and tail together with a balanced flex for optimum performance characteristics transform this ski into the perfect companion for untouched powder, steep couloirs, and diverse descents. Even in demanding ski conditions or when wearing a heavy backpack, you maintain full control and execute perfect ski turns. The slightly raised tip lends improved turn initiation and easy float. The full sidewalls guarantee direct power transfer to the edges for best performance and stability on both soft snow and hardpack. Radical 97 – for unforgettable powder and downhill fun.


Constant Characteristics
Unrivaled interaction between rocker length and sidecut according to ski length. This unparalleled interplay guarantees consistent properties at every ski length when ski touring.

Single Radius
Harmonious sidecut to guarantee balanced skiing qualities.

Full Side-Wall
Using impact-resistant ABS along the entire length of the ski edge from the steel edge to the top coating guarantees maximum force absorption, for example when skiing over rocks or stones. In addition, direct binding-to-ski power transfer at the edge is optimized thanks to this design.

Poplar Core

Carbon Speed Stringer


170 177 184
1450 g 1550 g 1670 g
Sidecut tip 124 mm 126 mm 128 mm
Sidecut waist 96 mm 97 mm 98 mm
Sidecut tail 114 mm 116 mm 118 mm
Radius A 18 m 19 m 20 m
Tip Rocker 370 mm 380 mm 380 mm
Tail Rocker 240 mm 250 mm 250 mm

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