Chain Animal Mike Hoder 710 - Black
About Animal Mike Hoder 710 BMX chain - Black The Mike Hoder signature 710 chain by KMC is designed with a heavy duty structure to stand up to the toughest street abuse. The design eliminates stretch and chain drop. The...
$49.95 $29.97
Tire Animal T1 20 x 2.4 - Black
About Animal T1 20 x 2.4 tire - Black SOLD IN SINGLES VENDUS SÉPARÉMENT This special handling, dual compound tire is a collaboration with the legendary Terrible One. This proprietary blend of compounds provides for the fastest and grippiest tire...
$64.95 $38.97
Tire Animal GLH 20 x 2.3 - Black
About Animal GLH 20'' x 2.3'' tire - Black SOLD IN SINGLES VENDUS SÉPARÉMENT The GLH goes like hell! With our unique tread pattern, wire bead and dual ply casing this tire lasts. A street legend! FEATURES Inflated Width: 2.38"...
$65.95 $39.57
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