BCT freeride SQS poles 2024 - Black

Marque: Atomic
disponibilité: En inventaire
Size: 115cm

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About Atomic BCT freeride SQS poles 2024 - Black

The Atomic BCT Freeride SQS is the perfect ski pole if you’re dealing with deep, fresh powder. It’s made from lightweight aluminum with a low swing weight and high tensile strength. It has a wrapped Freeride grip – inspired by bike grips – which means the upper shaft of the pole is wrapped in tape with a rubber top. This provides a grip that’s non-slip and great for climbing and one you can also customize. It also features Atomic SQS, our Safety Quick Release System that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. Plus extra-wide powder baskets for staying on top of the deep stuff.


Safety Quick Release System
SQS instantly releases our strap under tension to prevent injuries.

5*Aluminum Pole Technology
Our top quality poles made from highest-grade 7075 aluminum with very high-tensile strength.

Wrapped FR Grip
Poles wrapped with a rubber top for a unique non-slip grip that is durable and comfortable.

Touring Strap
A pre-shaped and padded lightweight strap for a good hold, with easy size adjustment.

Powder Basket (97mm)
Our widest basket that's perfect for powder.

Carbide Tip
Provides good hold in all snow conditions and added bite on hard snow, ice and rocks.


  • Weight per pole: 295g @ 125cm

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