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Brand 4FRNT

Here at 4FRNT we're all about innovation and this year we think we've came up with something more creative than anything else we've done in the past. We started with an aluminum shaft that tapers to a point, then added an ergonomic grip and a strap to go around your wrist to make for a comfortable, safe grasp. We then added plastic 'discs' that are meant to stop the pointy end of the pole from going too deep into the snow. All this combines to make a multi-faceted tool that you can use to push yourself across flat surfaces, stab into the snow to help yourself initiate a turn, or have sword fights with your friends. Add our flashy custom artwork and you've got yourself the coolest pointy sticks on the hill.

  • 18mm 5085 Aluminum Shaft
  • 214g (115 cm)
  • Dual density rubber grip
  • Fixed lightning basket steel tip