Poles Armada Carbon adjustable 2022

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About Armada Carbon adjustable 2022 ski poles

Our athletes’ most demanded pole, the Carbon TL Adjustable is our lightest build – just what you need for an efficient day of backcountry travel. Carbon fiber upper and lower shafts save weight but do not sacrifice strength. Adjustability = versatility and this can be packed down and strapped to a pack, or extended for those more rigorous climbs. A rubber-cork upper grip and a  rubber sleeve on the lower part  provide on-the-fly adjustability for sidehilling and skinning through technical terrain. A carbide tip grips even the iciest surfaces while flexible powder baskets keep you from wallowing in the deep stuff. You rarely appreciate the importance of ski poles until one fails in a critical situation. The Carbon Adjustable poles won’t let you down. Don’t leave home without them.


  • Carbon Shafts
  • 16mm upper shaft / 14mm lower
  • Rubber Cork Grip
  • Low Tour Grip
  • Aluminum Locking Mechanism
  • 80mm AR Powder Basket
  • Carbide Tip
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