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About Full Tilt Ascendant Sammy Carlson 2022 ski boots

Sammy Carlson's boot of choice, the Full Tilt Ascendant SC is the tech-compatible boot that won't sacrifice performance on the downhill. A comfortable Tour Pro Wrap Liner, removable 120 Flex Tongue, and lightweight Evolution 3-Piece Shell work together to make the Ascendant SC progressive and innovative within the resort ropes and well-beyond.


An additional j-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for precise control.

Wide Toe
A thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control for people with wider feet or who prefer a little more toe room.

Grip Walk Outsole
Designed for a better purchase on unstable & slippery terrain. The convex shape and ribbed tread add both comfort & grip for getting from house to hill to peak! Sold separately. Available for FTS & FTE models.

Tour Hook
Keep your buckles in place without impinging upon the full cuff rotation.

Pro Tour Liner
With a Tour Flex Notch, removable external J-Bars, lacing system, and power strap, The Tour Pro makes walking a blister-free experience in an enveloping, snug fit. Foam listed from foot to shell:

  • 2mm Intuitionℱ MD: Medium density and hardness for a solid balance of comfort and performance
  • 4mm Open Cell: Ensures warmth and comfort straight out of the box
  • 7mm Intuitionℱ HD Foam: High density and firm for a responsive and efficient transfer of energy

Walk Mode
Flip the lever up to ascend with ease. And when it’s time to send it, flip the lever down, lock the cuff in place, and push into the fluid, progressive flex you’ve come to expect from Full Tilt. Works great for aprés bar sessions too.

Shock Absorber Boot Board
Soft rubber layer in the sole of the shell absorbs vibrations, impact and shock for a smooth ride.

Flipped Bottom Buckle
The bottom buckle is flipped to sit on top of the boot. This keeps the buckle out of the way when you are leaning heavily into a turn, walking in deeper snow, going through narrow gaps, broken sliding on a rail, and more! 

All boot liners are built using authentic Intuitionℱ closed-cell foam. It is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet and shells during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes for a light, warm and super comfortable fit.

Ribbed Tongue
100% Ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang!

Tech Fittings
Compatible with all pin-tech bindings, the in-molded tech fittings open up a new world of possibilities for Full Tilt Boots. One boot – any objective.

Evolution Pro Tour Shell
The Evolution Pro Tour offers a smooth stride and articulated purchase in any situation. Walk farther and more comfortably than ever before. Featuring a higher back cuff and lightweight Grilamidℱ plastic, this construction will take you anywhere.


  • Shell: Evolution (FTE)
  • Last: Width 102mm
  • Tongue Flex: 10
  • Boot Board: Shock Absorber
  • Outsole: Gripwalk , Dual Material Toe & Heel
  • Mid Grip: Dual Material
  • Buckle Type: Alum. Ladder w/ Tour Hook
  • Spoiler: Velcro Wedge
  • Boot Cuff: FTE Tour w/ Walk Mech
  • Liner: Tour Pro Wrap
  • Liner Features: J-Bar , Tour Notch , Wide Toe , Laces , Power Wrap
  • Weight/per (g): 1970grams @ 27.5
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