Skis Dynastar Legend 106 2020
About Dynastar Legend 106 skis 2020 Designed for fans of wide open spaces, the LEGEND 106, the widest ski in the LEGEND series, delivers instant float without feeling overly cumbersome on harder snow. With a marked rocker for float on demand...
Skis Dynastar Legend 96 2020
About Dynastar Legend 96 skis 2020 The LEGEND 96 is a real all-rounder, a 50% trail / 50% off-trail ski designed for good and expert skiers. The ultimate freeride ski, its agility and ease on all kinds of snow and powder...
Skis Dynastar Menace 90 2020
About Dynastar Menace 90 skis 2020 Developed with a lighter weight, user-friendly cap construction in a wide range of sizes, the all-new MENACE 90 is a versatile free ski for progressing to advanced freeride skiers. Our most versatile rocker profile offers...
Skis Dynastar Menace 98 2020
About Dynastar Menace 98 skis 2020 The Dynastar Menace 98 Skis are what Dynastar considers the "daily driver" of the series, with an all-purpose 98 mm width that rips in variable snow and harder conditions. Suitable as a "quiver of one" ski for progressive freeriders...
Skis Dynastar Menace F-Team 2020
About Dynastar Menace Pr-oto F-Team ski 2020 Built to handle the deepest days and the most challenging terrain, the PROTO FACTORY was designed, developed, and approved by Factory Team rider Richard Permin. Validated across a diversity of playgrounds last winter by...
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